As we begin the strategic planning process in Upper Merion Area School District we will this resource as a place to share information about 3 of our strategic planning committees: 21st Century learners, Academic Rigor, and Professional Development. You are invited to read articles, minutes and to share your thoughts and ideas relative to all of the information provided.
Welcome and enjoy learning more about Strategic Planning at Upper Merion Area School District.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has provided some blueprints for planning for 21st Century Schools. In addition, the following resources will be useful in our planning as well.
Click on the links to the left for information in the following areas.

  • Articles: Click here for articles distributed at planning meetings.
  • Meeting Dates & Minutes: Click here for meeting notes and agendas
  • Action Plan: Click here for information about our action plan in progress
  • Discussion: If you have questions about this process or have something you would like the group to think about, please feel free to post a discussion thread.

For additional questions please email Jane Callaghan or Kristin Hokanson